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Together we can achieve justice

In order to reach the necessary 100,000 signatures on our e-petition we need your help.


Every signature for our campaign brings us closer to our goal of bringing debate to the UK Parliament and to achieving formal recognition of the Kurdish genocide by the UK Government.


However signing the e-petition today is only the start, please get involved and together we can achieve justice for the survivors and victims of the genocide.


There are numerous ways you can support the campaign such as:

  1. Join our social media campaign: tweet, post, and blog to raise awareness of the petition. We are on Twitter @JusticeGenocide and you can also find us on Facebook.
  2. Organize an awareness raising event, such as a talk, movie night or concert. Contact us for help at to arrange a speaker.
  3. If there is an event already taking place in your neighbourhood find out whether it is possible to go along and collect signatures? Take a photo of your event and share it with us on Twitter and Facebook.
  4. If you’re part of a community group such as Rotary or the Women’s Institute, let us know and we can organise a speaker to talk to your group.